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New Cars Prices ( We are regularly updating Honda, Toyota, Suzuki New Car Models prices on our website)
Honda Price Update on
Accord 2.4 I- VTEC 5,949,000 23-Dec-2010
Accord 2.4 Litre 5,549,000 23-Dec-2010
City 2011 Automatic Transmission 1,451,000 11-Jan-2011
City 2011 Manual Transmission 1,320,000 27-Jan-2011
Civic I-VTECH M/T 1,666,000 23-Dec-2010
Civic I-VTECH P/T 1,787,000 23-Dec-2010
Civic VTI - ORIEL P/T 1,923,000 23-Dec-2010
Civic VTI - ORIEL M/T 1,848,000 23-Dec-2010
Suzuki Price Update on
Alto VXR 656,000 24-Dec-2010
Alto VXR CNG 705,000 24-Dec-2010
Alto VXR CNG Metallic 710,000 11-Jan-2011
APV Van 1.5 L 1,824,000 24-Dec-2010
Cultus VXL EFi 865,000 28-Apr-2010
Cultus VXL EFi CNG 912,000 28-Apr-2010
Cultus VXL EFi Metallic 870,000 28-Apr-2010
Cultus VXRi 850,000 24-Dec-2010
Liana 1.3L LXI MT 1,165,000 11-Jan-2010
Mehran VX 453,000 24-Dec-2010
Mehran VX CNG 499,000 24-Dec-2010
Mehran VX CNG Metallic 504,000 11-Jan-2011
Mehran VXR CNG Metallic 554,000 11-Jan-2011
Toyota Price Update on
Camry Automatic Transmission 7,999,000 23-Dec-2010
Camry Manual Transmission 7,799,000 23-Dec-2010
Corolla 1.3L GLi 1,462,000 11-Jan-2011
Corolla 1.3L XLi 1,337,000 11-Jan-2011
Corolla 2.0D SALOON 1,769,000 23-Dec-2010
Corolla 2.0D Saloon SR 1,859,000 23-Dec-2010
Hilux 4X4 D/C A/C (LAN-08) 3,250,000 17-May-2010
Prado 3.0L N-turbo 6,450,000 20-Jul-2009
Prado GX A/T EFI(Gasoline) 10,500,000 04-Nov-2009
Prado GX M/T EFI(Gasoline) 8,200,000 04-Nov-2009
Hyundai Price Update on
Coupe Automatic Transmission(Triptronic) 2,499,000 02-Feb-2010
Coupe Manual Transmission 2,399,000 02-Feb-2010
Santro Club 1000cc (EFi) 739,000 01-Feb-2010
Santro Club GV 1000cc (EFi) With Electronic CNG 779,000 02-Feb-2010
Nissan Price Update on
Cefiro 2.3L UPPER A/T 2,795,000 02-Feb-2010
Patrol 4.2L D SGL M/T SUN-ROOF 5,198,000 02-Feb-2010
Patrol 4.2L SGL M/T 9,850,000 28-Sep-2010
Patrol 4.8 GRX A/T 10,800,000 28-Sep-2010
Patrol 4.8 GRX M/T 10,500,000 28-Sep-2010
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